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AI Platform Translates Hotel Guests’ Speech Into Actionable Data and Insights is Aiello's latest AI platform

The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in both travel and hospitality isn’t particularly new – many tech platforms and service providers have been utilizing AI behind-the-scenes for years now. But the emergence and rapid evolution of Generative AI and sophisticated language models have allowed many travel tech players to finally address gaps in the market […]

Aiello shines at the “Taiwan AI Awards 2023” with its outstanding Voice AI technology

Taiwan AI Awards

Taipei – Aiello, an innovative startup based in Taiwan, has achieved remarkable success at the “Taiwan AI Awards 2023”. The achievement demonstrates Aiello’s exceptional performance in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and its remarkable capabilities in solving real-world problems and driving technological innovation. Taiwan AI Awards is organized by BusinessNext and the Department of […]

Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA) Transforms Hotels with 24/7 AI Concierge Service

Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA) Transforms Hotels with 24/7 AI Concierge Service

Get a behind-the-scenes look at one of Taiwan’s most promising companies, Aiello, through an interview with its CEO Vic Shen. As part of the United Daily News’ “Invisible Champions” series, uncover the inspiring stories of the rising stars in Taiwan’s business landscape. These companies, although not yet household names, are making their mark and have the potential to become the next big success story like TSMC.