8 Simple Hotel Welcome Ideas to Make Your Guests Feel at Home

Hotel front desk staff welcoming guests at the arrival.

Creating a warm and memorable hotel welcome at your property is absolutely essential to keep your guests coming back for more. First impressions are everything, and your guests deserve a unique and unforgettable experience.  

Starting off on the right foot will set the mood for the rest of their stay. You’ll want to make sure that your hotel welcomes the guests in a personalized way, while capturing what makes your place special. This can include greeting your guests with traditional beverages, crafting a personalized welcome message that gives them tips on what to see, eat and experience in your locale, or creating a warm and welcoming sense of community at your hotel. 

So, here are our 8 hotel welcome ideas that are simple, fun, engaging and will make your guests feel at home. 

1. Personalize your hotel’s greeting and welcome message  

Make your guests feel welcome at your hotel and greet them warmly by using their names, making them feel recognized and appreciated. You can even take it a step further by personalizing recommendations based on their preferences, ensuring a tailored experience they’ll enjoy.  

A good practice is to create a custom hotel welcome message and complete it with useful information to highlight your hotel and its surroundings. Whether it’s a charming hand-written postcard or a modern display on smart devices like tablets or apps, or even through their personal in-room voice assistant, make sure your guests feel special and well-informed from the moment they arrive. 

2. Offer a delightful welcome beverage at your hotel  

Welcome your hotel guests to an assortment of unique non-alcoholic beverages, and don’t shy away from incorporating local specialty drinks for a distinctive touch. If you have a hotel bar, your F&B team can think about any unique beverages your region is known for and use seasonal herbs or fruits to create signature welcome drinks throughout the year. Or collaborate with local breweries to offer a selection of craft beers, coffee or tea from nearby producers.  

And, of course, if you’ve got an exceptional F&B offering, make sure your guests know about it! Utilize guest apps, in-room devices, or friendly, well-trained staff to introduce these enticing offers, making your guests’ stay unique and unforgettable. 

3. Prepare a charming welcome gift  

Your hotel team can surprise your guests with considerate, locally sourced gifts that highlight the uniqueness of your place. You can partner with local craftsmen or artists to offer a special souvenir that showcases the area’s charm. If you have known your guests for a longer time or know that they are celebrating a special occasion like a birthday, it’s always good to personalize these courtesies based on their preferences or the occasion of their visit.  

For instance, if you’re hosting a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary, use tools that help you note their habits and create guest profiles to arrange a thoughtful gift such as a bottle of champagne or a couples’ spa treatment at your hotel spa. If your hotel has limited facilities, you can consider co-promoting with local businesses to provide exceptional and memorable experiences for your guests whether they are at your hotel or exploring outside. 

4. Create an inviting atmosphere in the hotel room 

Since guests spend most of their time in their rooms, it’s essential to make it the most comfortable and pleasant environment from the moment they step in. Adjust the room temperature and lighting to create an atmosphere that aligns with your hotel’s style and welcomes the guests in the right mood!  

For instance, spa hotels could aim for a calming ambiance that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation, while design hotels might want guests to feel inspired and energized. You can enhance this atmosphere by incorporating soothing scents or calming music.  

For an even more personalized touch, introduce smart room controls, allowing guests to select customized modes, such as a “good morning” mode that automatically opens the curtains and plays uplifting music, or a “night mode” that dims the lights, closes the curtains, and plays relaxing tunes.  

5. Showcase local culture and art at your hotel 

If your owner is an art lover, bingo! You can make your interior decoration truly unique by showcasing regional artwork or decorations throughout the hotel, including guest rooms. 

As always – details matter. Add QR codes that guests can scan to learn more about the art pieces on display. And if you complement this experience by offering regional snacks or treats that represent local hospitality and celebrate the unique aspects of your area, your guests will feel the local touch of your hotel at every step in their journey. This approach ensures a warm hotel welcome that leaves a lasting impression on your guests, making them feel connected to the local community. 

6. Offer a hotel welcome package with a twist  

Following up on the previous point, curating a selection of useful amenities will help you emphasize the local experience, which is at the heart of guest expectations today. For example, if you’re a hotel chain, you can combine the traditional elements with your existing brand standards. For example, Hotel Indigo Alishan mastered this strategy and welcomes its guests with local elements from one-of-its-kind interior design to F&B offers that highlight the aboriginal traditions of Alishan region. 

When it comes to room-amenities, you can think outside the box and set your hotel apart with items like natural soaps infused with traditional fragrances or toothpaste made with unique ingredients like propolis sourced from nearby bee farms. By pampering your guests with distinctive amenities, you’ll create an unforgettable hotel welcome that showcases what makes your place one-of-a-kind. 

7. Train your hotel staff in exceptional customer service  

When talking to guests, make sure to focus on empathy, active listening, and eye contact and encourage your team to go above and beyond to create special moments for them. 

And what do we mean by looking for the special moment? For example, once a couple was celebrating their anniversary at a high-end NYC hotel casually mentioned their first date at a hot dog stand near Central Park to the concierge. The concierge found the stand and surprised them with a hot dog served as a part of their fine dining tasting menu at the hotel restaurant, making their anniversary night extra special. 

So yes, asking questions and being interested in your guests is essential to create those moments but you’ll also want the conversations to feel natural and avoid appearing nosy at all costs. 

8. Foster a welcoming, lively sense of community at your hotel 

If the nature of your hotel allows you, organize group events to make the most of your hotel facilities and let your guests mingle. Consider group cooking classes, wine tastings, beer and food pairing sessions at your restaurant, or even guided tours of your rooftop garden to showcase unique features like beehives – a fun activity for kids as well. 

Or, if your hotel’s crowd is mostly young digital nomads, or artists you can connect guests with similar interests or backgrounds by organizing meetups and events. Designate a coworking space for remote workers staying at your hotel or collaborate with local events happening in your area. For instance, if your city hosts a popular art event, you could plan an afterparty at one of your hotel’s venues. 


And that’s a wrap! By emphasizing your hotel’s unique qualities and incorporating local traditions, you can create an unforgettable hotel welcome experience that resonates with modern travelers with these eight amazing ideas. As the desire for authentic connections and distinctive stays grows, it’s essential to greet your guests in style, showcasing your hotel’s own character and charm. By doing so, you’ll leave a lasting impression, making guests excited to return for another memorable experience, and ensuring they spread the word about your exceptional hospitality.

And if your hotel has an amazing welcome offer, make sure that your guests find out! Our Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA) makes communication with your guests much easier and streamlined. Message us if you want to learn more and our team will get back to you within 3 working days.

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