Aiello Technology

Aiello develops state-of-the-art software and hardware technologies, including a next-generation AI model based on innovative multi-intent Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and a NLU deep learning framework, including the real-time voice analysis and noise reduction and creating a knowledge graphic database (GDB) for all industry partners to jump-start their AI tailored model. Aiello strives to deploy NLU SaaS platform to various commercial applicationsto become a global leader of this technology. 

Technology Architecture

Aiello’s technology is composed of three key components:

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Cloud Language Analytics

Multi-intent semantic analytic technology

Specialized knowledge graph  

Conversation management system

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IoT Architecture


Elfin Control Agent

Mobile Intelligent Routing Framework (MIRF) architecture

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Data-driven Analysis

Sentiment analysis SDK

System recomendation

Voice Dialogue Process

Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA) was created out of a deep passion for Natural Language Technologies. 
Through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we aim for making the most user-friendly and human-like consumer-to-device interaction experience available. By bringing the most advanced technology into every commercial field, we shape lifestyles of the future.

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Step 1: Automatic Speech Recognition Technology (ASR)

Automatically converts human speech to text. When paired with Aiello’s hardware, microphone array and on-device edge computing speech processing software, it can effectively perform background noise reduction, echo cancellation and acoustic feature extraction. This architecture ensures total multi-language recognition capabilities and a fully-interactive experience. After smoothing and cleaning up the speech physical single, Aiello brings in Aiello’s industrial AI model to achieve high accurate word error rate(WER) script for your every single client’s request and call.

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Step 2: Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Translating the meaning of text into context and semantic understanding by a computer is at the core of the information processing system. It is also an essential for our solution to process recommendations, Q&A, search and queries. Aiello’s Natural Language Understanding provides accurate human-like dialogue experience for business applications and a highly flexible interface with high-speed expansion and migration.

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Step 3: Speech Synthesis Technology (Text-to-speech, TTS)

Synthesizes natural human-like pronunciation and fluency, transforming text into artificial voice. Aiello’s Neural TTS API framework supports more than 40 languages and dialects and provides more than 220 voice options, offering a personalized and improved user experience. This lets our customers customize the last touch of their human-to-machine interactive dialogue.

Cloud Language Analytics

Aiello’s Natural Language Understanding provides accurate human-like dialogue experience for business applications and a highly flexible interface with high-speed expansion and migration. 

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Multi-intent Language Processing Technology

Aiello uses massive databases and deep learning network technology to produce advanced multi-intent and multi-language processing technology. From one strand of conversation, our model can understand multiple intentions and follow up with multiple action items. The machine performs these tasks in a sequential and logic manner, satisfying needs hidden within a conversation, redefining the way we interact with technology.

Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA) NLU multi-intent technology,.

Specialized Knowledge Graph Database

Conversation Managements purpose is to establish a complete Dialogue System, and is responsible for the state and flow of the conversationCentred around natual language intentions and semantics, it provides a complete dialogue flow and logical structure.

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Conversation Management System

Conversation Managements purpose is to establish a complete Dialogue System, and is responsible for the state and flow of the conversationCentred around natural language intentions and semantics, it provides a complete dialogue flow and logical structure. 

Aiello’s conversation flow and management can process the entire dialogue at high speed, engaging with users and improving itselfWhen semantics are not clear, it uses the newest Voice UI technology swiftly triggers a human-like back and forth question to uncover the intention of the speaker, faster understand users’ query and reduce future judgement errors. 

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IoT Architecture

IoT systems adopt Event Driven Architecture with Nifi structure to achieve automatic data control path and flow, achieving system scalability and maintaining flexibility to interactive with multiple different IoT system and protocol in the field.

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HydraLink is the interface between the most common industrial control protocol Modbus or RS485(wired) to TCP proxy hosts, which can support the communications protocol commonly used in your exisiting system. HydraLink is fully compatible with Mobus/TCP, providing you with a fully compatiable solution, and efficient and stable control unit transmission equipment.

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Elfin Control Agent

For situations requiring device control, Aiello has an independent and flexible agent model that can take natural language and process it into signal source. The desired task is then directly executed for the user, whether that be adjusting lighting, curtains, TV, AC etc, the possibilities are plentiful; what the device can do is subject to the imagination of its user.

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Mobile Intelligent Routing Framework (MIRF) architecture

Mobile Intelligent Routing Framework (MIRF) is a complete software framework that simplifies the coding of multiple WAN routing procedures for wireless devices, accelerates the development process and siginicantly reduces customization development time. 

Data-driven Analysis

Aiello gathers and analyzes semantic context, using various data analytic methodologies to find key indicators to come out a user profile.

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Sentiment Analysis SDK

By analyzing conversation model within client, we can understand customers’ overall feeling towards a product or company, and adjust business operations accordingly. Our solution captures all interactions at every touchpoint of the customer journey to better understand your users’ sentiment.

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Recommendation System

Through collection and analysis of semantic information, a customer profile can be constructed and continually updated, making it possible to uncover hidden demand and provide customers with personalised services or products to enhance their experience. 

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the most exciting and promising AI technology. 

The NLP market is expected to gain 259% by 2024 reaching a market size of USD 264 billion. All types of industries can financially benefit from NLP. 

Bridge Your Gap Between AI with Aiello

If you are a student, researcherengineer, or have relevant AI expertise in an industry with hidden potential, as long as you have a vision, feel free to connect with us! 

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