Thailand’s M Social Phuket integrates Aiello’s Voice AI

MSocial Phuket launches Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA)

With this integration, M Social Phuket intends to streamline its operations and enhance the overall satisfaction of its clientele.

Thailand-based hotel M Social Phuket has upgraded its guest experience by integrating Aiello’s Voice artificial intelligence (AI) technology, AVA, into its operations.

This integration forms part of the hotel’s plans to improve operational efficiency and enhance its overall guest experience.

Aiello’s AVA can help guests with a range of inquiries, from room service requests to frequently asked questions, via intuitive voice commands.

Furthermore, AVA’s capabilities extend to controlling Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled devices within guest rooms, including lighting, air conditioning and smart TVs.

M Social Phuket has also automated routine tasks and streamlined internal communication, ensuring that housekeeping and restaurant reservations are managed, using AVA.

In a press statement, M Social Phuket said: “Housekeeping requests are now promptly answered, restaurant reservations are seamlessly managed, and guest preferences are effortlessly recorded – all thanks to AVA’s cutting-edge AI technology.”

M Social Phuket general manager Pjey Mayandi said: “Our collaboration with Aiello has revolutionised the way we interact with our guests and has positioned M Social Phuket as a leader in hospitality innovation.

“We are committed to leveraging technology to create unforgettable experiences for our guests, and Aiello Voice Assistant has played a pivotal role in achieving this goal.”

According to Aiello, AVA empowers guests to effortlessly manage their room environment through voice commands.

In addition to its IoT control capabilities, AVA functions as a round-the-clock AI concierge, enabling guests to access local tourist information, request room service, communicate with the front desk via IP telephony, enjoy music, set alarms and more.

AVA accommodates multiple languages including Japanese, English, Chinese and Thai, catering to the diverse needs of international guests.

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