A startup team with technology expertise and innovative thinking

80% of Aiello’s engineering team comes from companies such as Google, Amazon, Qualcomm, VIVE, Broadcom, Mediatek and Yahoo.  

We believe that NLU technology will bring new forms human-computer interactions and business models to the world. We have the courage to innovate, break through and challenge the market. Use Aiello to improve your experience, letting AI work for you. 

Aiello 犀動智能科技 企業概要 扁平化溝通

Aiello Team

Vic Shen

CEO & Co-Founder
Former Senior Director of Google's Smart Voice Assistant Solutions

Vic has 20 years of leadership experience in the tech industry, spanning both technology and business sides. He has worked at several successful companies such as Google, Qualcomm and Broadcom, with his responsibilities including technology, product and business development. Vic has experience leading a startup team which was successfully acquired by NXP.

Uliya Liao

VP of BD & Co-Founder
Former Qualcomm China Product Marketing Director

Uliya has more than 15 years of commercial and product marketing experience in the wireless communication technology field. Her responsibilities span wireless communication, tablet and NFC-related business, and has also led a wireless communications and Internet of Things marketing and commercial development team in China. She has also held positions in MediaTek and Qualcomm Atheros.

Sharif Ma

CTO & Co-Founder
Former HTC VR Learning and Edge Computing Technology Director 

Sharif obtained his master's degree in Computer Science for University of Salford, Manchester, UK. He has more than 10 years of experience in cloud computing, spanning system architecture, computer vision, AI and edge computing.

Penny Huang

VP of Marketing and Partnership
Served as Senior Marketing Manager of Amazon Greater China and Business Director of Vogue China

Penny has more than 15 years of marketing and public relations experience, starting from 4A public relations to Micro-Star International, HTC China, Amazon Greater China, responsible for brand marketing and communications, marketing channels, media communication and digital planning. She has strong and up-to-date experience in the modern marketing field, stepping into fashion giant Vogue, GQ and WWD as business director, committed to integrating foreign and domestic resources, expanding the B to C market and continually creating promotions for tens of millions of customers.

Fifi Huang

Executive Assistant

Except for programming, everything else is under my control. 

I love 小美犀!

Mathieu Delafosse


Always in for a hike or a beer, usually not at the same time

Bringing Aiello to the world!

ED Lin


Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

I have never once been hungry at Aiello!

Beth Yeo


“Day before yesterday I saw a rabbit, and yesterday a deer, and today, you.”

Meet you someday @ Aiello

Morris Chou


Keep trekking

Get Hands Dirt !

Haoren Kao


Everyone else's IQ is 0 in my eyes

Aiello smartest person

Alan Fang



I love AI

Ken Sheng


My hair is naturally curly

Don't tell me you can dance



It’s not who I am underneath, it’s what I do that defines me.

Actions matter more than intentions



This line of code has 5 paths

In Aiello, get used to drinking first before writing code



Because We're worth It

I'm Aiello's basketball captain

Sammy Huang


Invite me to drinks

Software software software

Terrance Kuo


Do what I can

I can do nothing

Shawn Wang


Wear a hat while writing code, speed +9

Come to Aiello and learn to be a BE

KunLin Lee


AI is the new electricity.

Developing natural language features and conversation flows.

Clark Chen


Limitless sky

Experience new things at Aiello

Charlie Fu


Keep Learning

Make things work

Eric Lin




Allen Chou


A coffee a day

I'm busy right now, please talk to my program

Erin Peng


My hand taps on the keyboard lightly

I fix bugs very carefully

Rex Lin


The boss is always right !

I'm here to sprint into the future


Still missing you!

We want to work with talents. We hope that you are a person with ideas, vitality, personal characteristics and development potential!
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Aiello Team,

Grow together,

Study together,

Eat together,

Have fun together,

Work together,

Innovate together,

Challenge together,

Strive together,

Watch Aiello’s success together. 


Work Hard, Play Hard in Aiello.