Aiello Achievements Overview

Aiello’s Voice & NLP  AI Assistant was created out of a deep passion for Natural Language technologies. Through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we hope to create the most user-friendly and human-like consumertodevice interaction experience available. By bringing the most advanced technology into every commercial field, we ambition to shape lifestyles of the future.

What Aiello Have Achieved

Aiello has already helped more than 30 hotels accomplish their digital transformation
0 K+
Average monthly voice users exceeds 150K
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Over 1 million end users per year

Our vision

We want to democratize AI adoption! We think AI technologies can be applied to any industry or business application and help bridge the gap between a product or service and its users. Our solutions enable enterprises across various industries (finance, insurance, healthcare, hospitality…) to integrate conversational AI and NLU data analysis to their operations.  

Aiello 犀動智能科技 願景

We are committed to building an open AI voice platform.

Aiello provides an AI SaaS platform based on proprietary NLU technology 

Open Conversational AI SaaS platform

The cloud platform uses machine learning technology to customize wake words and recognize speech, noise and environmental sounds, training the AI model to improve user experience.

Deep semantic understanding

Aiello’s natural language understanding provides a human-like dialogue experience for businessesand a highly flexible interface with the capacity for rapid expansion and migration. 

Third-party speech recognition

Accurate understanding of speech in a variety of business fields and scenarios, supporting multiple languages. 

Device technology

We provide diversified technical services, including sound localization, device-pairing, peer-to-peer voice calling, group calls, automatic cloud system updates, enhanced online security mechanisms and many more services. 

Aiello team value

Aiello 犀動智能科技 企業概要 創新企圖心

Be Ambitious

Aiello 犀動智能科技 企業概要 獨立思考能力

Be Independent

Aiello 犀動智能科技 企業概要 扁平化溝通

Be Equal

Meet the team

Aiello's team is full of talents from all over the world and different industries.


Aiello has won awards in major international competitions.


Aiello needs those with wisdom and vision to join our team.