Aiello Business Solutions

Aiello uses Voice and NLP technology to develop cross-industry’s end to end with highly integrated interface SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions for enterprise. We empower businesses to transform their industries by adopting  diverse and flexible Cloud systems into partners’ exisiting operation platform. We provide partners in manufacturing, finance, healthcare and retail industries with the quick landing Plug-and-Play software with affordable effort to create a tailored cutting-edge AI technology.

Aiello's NLU technology can be applied to multiple industries

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NLU technologies can benefit all touchpoints of the patient journey. In a highly data-sensitive and competitive industry, AI semantic analysis can be applied to every patient-practician interaction, helping institutions provide safer and more personalized care every step of the way.  

Aiello 犀動智能科技 保險產業

Insurance industry

Insurance is a highly regulated industry that requires deep customer knowledge. NLU technologies provide unprecedented insights for risk assessment and compliance. Leveraging AI solutions allows insurance and call service companies to craft better alternative products that fit their customers needs while optimizing revenue streams. 

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Long-term care

Population aging and long-term care are some of the many issues facing highly developed countries. A more natural style of interaction can be created with AI intelligent voice dialogue, reducing the training cost of complex UI, providing 24/7 service and companionship, controlling smart homes and gathering social resources together in one convenient place.

Aiello 犀動智能科技 金融產業

Financial industry

Because of the deep integration of finance and technology, financial institutions are at the forefront of AI adoption. NLU technologies help them transform unstructured data into meaningful insights, gain fine-tuned and optimize internal operations. They are quickly becoming a must-have in this fast changing and highly digitalized competitive industry.

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Customer service

AI has transformed customer service interactions into a human-to-machine interfaces. NLU technologies is what can “re-humanize” the industry, by creating seamless experiences, where sentiment analysis drive conversations. It also let companies get a deeper look at what their customers think and feel to adjust their business accordingly.  

Aiello 犀動智能科技 服務業

Retail services

The retail industry ranges from supermarkets and catering to complex residential services. The commercial applications of AI technology have comprehensively improved the efficiency and quality of this industry. Conversational AI technology deeply integrates existing industry knowledge, and combined with applied data analytics, it greatly reduces human resources and time to overall improve operations efficiency.

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