Aiello Task Management System (TMS) 

Manual processes have been a persistent challenge for hotel operations staff, impacting efficiency and guest satisfaction.

At Aiello, we understand that exceptional execution behind the scenes is the key to creating personalized guest experiences that keep them coming back.
Aiello Task Management System User InterfaceAiello Task Management System User Interface

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Drive Productivity with our
AI-powered Hotel Operations Software

Aiello TMS helps you to Automate Tasks, Save Costs and deliver Exceptional Guest Experiences. 

Upgrade Your Hotel Operations with TMS 

Cost-Effective Solutions
for Every Hotel 

We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness. That’s why TMS is designed to be cost-effective, catering to hotels of all sizes. Streamline your operations without breaking the bank and witness an immediate return on investment.

Aiello Task Management System is a cost-efficient solution for hotels of all sizes
Aiello Task Management System helps hotels streamline repetitive processes, such as task management.

Say Goodbye
to Manual Tasks

  • Stay connected with your team and effortlessly assign tasks. Create your own workflow, modules and tasks with our fully customizable templates.
  • No digital literacy? No problem! Our intuitive interface ensures a smooth transition, boosting productivity and ensuring everyone is on board.

Boost Productivity
with Real-time Updates 

  • Real-time updates help to optimize your staff’s productivity, reducing their workload and empowering them to deliver exceptional guest experiences consistently.
  • This leads to increased employee satisfaction and dramatically reduces the turnover rate, saving you time and resources. 
Aiello Task Management System brings clarity to hotel operations in form of realtime updates.
Aiello Task Management System integrates with Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA) for smoother guest-staff communication.

Easy Integration with
Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA)

  • With TMS’s seamless integration with Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA), your guests will enjoy top-notch service round-the-clock. From the time they issue a voice command to AVA, to the time when the request is completed, task management becomes a breeze.
  • TMS also works well with guest-facing technologies and backend systems, such as Property Management Systems (PMS), POS, PABX. 

Improve Operations
with Data-Drive Decisions 

  • Access detailed reports and analyze operational data to understand your team’s performance
    and identify hidden opportunities.
  • With a clear understanding of your business today, you’ll pave the way for better business tomorrow.
Aiello TMS AI Insights

What does TMS help you to achieve?

Ai & Data Driven

AI & Data-driven 

Understand your guests like never before, and analyze your team performance with actionable insights 

Productivity Everywhere

Productivity Everywhere

Cloud-based centralized platform for all hotel operations; mobile access from anywhere. 

Unmatched Flexibility

Unmatched Flexibility

Create the platform you need with customized modules, workflows and processes 

Outstanding Support

Outstanding Support

Flexibility requires personalized support by a team of hospitality experts 

Aiello TMS integrates with your best tools

Aiello TMS integrations

Usage Scenarios


Aiello Task Management System_bullet

Improve housekeeping productivity:

automatic room assignment and task allocation

Aiello Task Management System_bullet

Save time:

remote access, PMS integration, reassignment

Aiello Task Management System_bullet

Operations reports:

track status and updates times, team performance

Aiello TMS Housekeeping
Aiello TMS Maintenance


Aiello Task Management System_bullet

Better issues management:

seamless issues reporting, automatic task dispatch, attach images and technical documents

Aiello Task Management System_bullet

Optimize planning:

schedule tasks, create checklists, organize team agenda 

Aiello Task Management System_bullet

Business intelligence:

data insights, repair times, maintenance performance

Front of House 

Aiello Task Management System_bullet

Boost Concierge capabilities:

track and streamline all requests, dispatch across departments

Aiello Task Management System_bullet

improve interactions with guests:

guest messaging app, phone solution, and AVA notification system all centralized on one platform

Aiello Task Management System_bullet

Drive loyalty:

track guest preferences, deliver personalized services, ensure your team goes the extra mile

Aiello TMS Front Desk
Aiello TMS Guest Service

Guest Services 

Aiello Task Management System_bullet

Increase revenue:

upsell hotel services, optimize restaurant and facilities bookings, communicate special offers to guests

Aiello Task Management System_bullet

Enhance guest support:

track packages and deliveries, manage lost & found items, centralize and act on complaints, send notifications directly to the room

Hotel Management 

Aiello Task Management System_bullet

Keep track of your team:

deep insights on team performance, check operation status and identify room for improvements

Aiello Task Management System_bullet

Improve operations based on data:

impactful dashboards for comprehensive reporting, make informed business decisions to streamline your operations

Aiello Task Management System_bullet

Encourage collaboration across departments:

use scheduling, customized workflows and auto-task dispatch to enhance cross-function collaboration

Aiello Task Management System Title image_Departments-05
Aiello TMS call Center

Call Center 

Aiello Task Management System_bullet

Reduce repetitive work:

release pressure on call center agents with automatic task assignment

Aiello Task Management System_bullet

Communicate better with guests:

send customized notifications and messages to guests

Aiello Task Management System_bullet

Enhance guest satisfaction:

seamlessly send satisfaction surveys throughout the guest journey

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