Aiello Intelligent Voice Assistant for Hospitality

Our AI Assistant, specially created for the hotel industry, uses Voice and NLP technology to create new interactions with guests and provide enhanced services. With data-driven back-end services, our assistant provides valuable insights for hotels to better understand their guests and streamline their operations.

Aiello in London UI GIF

I am sleek, elegant and super smart!

Aiello is a hospitality expert

Aiello understands what travelers needs and the problems they face. Our AI has been specially developed and trained to match how guests think, feel and interact. 

Basic functions


Set alarm

International time


Facility inquiry

What’s the Wi-Fi password? 

Where and when is breakfast?

Where’s the gym?

When is check-out time?


Welcome mode

Cleaning & Make up

Bring water or fresh towels

Customer complaints and messages

Instant call

Front desk call

Room call

Emergency call

Area Search and Recommendations.

Are you still asking the front desk for local recommendations? Time to ask AI! 

Transportation information

Bus, trains, subway, parking lot

Food recommendations

American cuisine, Japanese cuisine, great food in the area, bars 

Tourist spot recommendations

Tourist areas, scenic areas, fun places to visit 

Local conveniences

Convenience store, post office, bank, hairdressers

Back-end Digital Management System

Our online guest management platform is able to see the Wi-Fi and power outage status of each Aiello SPOT setup in the rooms, as well as the check-in and check-out status, do not disturb and cleaning status.

An overview of all the housekeeping tasks required for each guest is accessible through our platformRequests for in-room services, messages and customer complaints can all be viewed online and anywhere, including the time at which the request was placed, which staff member was assigned to it, and the completion time. 

Hotel staff can push any message to one or multiple devices. Messages appear on the device screen, and can be customized to a room, or a specific group.   

Serial number, MAC, network online status, room number and software and firmware version can all be viewed in real time. System updates are automatically carried out through the cloud. 

4 different levels of permissions are available. Each level grants a different access to the platform with different available data. Unlimited login accounts. 

Backend dashboard of Aiello Assistant

Data Services

Applying big data analysis to voice conversations allows you to deeply understand your customers, isolate business strengths, and make more informed business decisions. 

Built-in KKBOX music library for unlimited listening pleasure

Enjoy KKOX's most popular playlists, and use to listen to the latest hits.

AIOT room voice control

Create an unmatched hotel experience with voice control 


Control all the lights in the room, or try out morning and night modes 

Air conditioning

Adjust the temperature or turn on/off, just by saying “I’m so cold!”


Open/close the curtains and blinds, or add them to good morning and good night modes for automatic adjustment


Choose TV channels, adjust volume or just say what program you want to watch! 

We work with many internationally renowned hotels that chose to engage in AI digital transformation!

The Silks Place Tainan, The Walden Yilan, Swiio Hotel Daan, Hotel Cham Cham Taipei and many more are all using our services. We are now expanding operations to Singapore and Japan. 


What Aiello has achieved so far....

The number of services we offer has soared, and we have accumulated an astronomical amount of data in this time. We are now preparing to step into the international market.

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Product information


5.5HD / Multi-Touch


2*2.5W Stereo Speakers

Input and output

Micro USB (Debug Port)
DC power and AUX out


64-bit Quad-core A35 up to 1.5GHz 


Bluetooth® 4.2


IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4GHz + 5GHz)


小美犀/Hello AI


145.1 x 74.59 x 78.04 (mm)




4 * mic linear microphone array


9V / 1.5A


Input AC 100-240V, output 9V/2A(TW) 9W/1.5A(CN)

You just need power and stable Wi-Fi,

our AI takes care of the rest!

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