Aiello’s latest creation: AI-powered GPT-3 tool for effortless meeting summaries

Aiello's Latest Creation: An AI-Powered GPT-3 Tool for Effortless Meeting Summaries
Jian Li Feng (on the right), former managing director of Google Taiwan, praised the Taiwanese startup Aiello for pioneering the application of voice AI in multiple industries. On the left is Vic Shen, CEO and founder of Aiello.

 *Originally published in Chinese on Yahoo Taiwan on December 29, 2022 

Reporter: He Ying Wei 

Aiello is a Taiwanese NLU startup behind the AI concierge for hotels, Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA). In 2023 the company is planning to release a brand-new product, the meeting collaboration platform Vocol AI. 

Vocol AI is an NLP SaaS software that uses AI to generate more efficiency within corporate teams. The new product can instantly recognize voice files, transcribe them into text, and use machine learning models to write summaries. More than a year ago, the Taiwanese startup obtained a license for GPT-3 and developed the Vocol AI voice collaboration platform based on this language model. 

The product supports Chinese, English, and Japanese language and it is able to recognize different speakers and highlight their speech segments in the conversation. 

Although Vocol AI is designed for both corporate teams and individuals, multi-person accounts will get the most out of this tool through its enhanced capabilities for collaboration such as commenting, creating highlights, and content sharing with other members.  

The founder and CEO of Aiello, Vic Shen, has previously worked at major tech companies such as Google and Qualcomm. During his time at Google, he led multiple teams developing Google Home devices. During this experience, he recognized the great potential of natural language technologies in the coming years, which inspired him to establish Aiello in 2019. 

Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA), the first product developed by Aiello, has been already established in the hotel industry and is currently deployed in over 70 hotels. 

For example, through AVA, InterContinental Kaohsiung was able to decrease the volume of front desk calls by 30%, which allowed the hotel staff to focus more on tasks that computers can’t handle. AVA comes together with a backend task management system that leverages guest interactions to analyze usage, and guest preferences to support the hotel’s business decisions. 

The new product, Vocol AI best suits professionals who need to document large volumes of virtual meetings such as sales and marketing teams, PR firms, conference organizers, and freelancers.  

The platform is ultimately saving time spent on meeting notes, and collaboration among departments, together with deriving actionable insights out of conversations. For example, it could benefit sales teams by analyzing conversations and evaluating opportunities during the sales process. 

The current investors backing the work of Aiello include JAFCO Asia, Wistron, and Cornerstone Ventures among others. 

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