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Work From Hotel: What Tools Do You Need?

work from hotel

When it comes to working, most people think it is black-or-white: You either report to the office or telecommute from home. In the wake of the pandemic, a third trend has emerged: work from hotel. With remote workers eager to travel after lockdowns, they now frequently combine a vacation with work. This trend is changing […]

Task Automation with Aiello TMS Pro: Maximizing the Potentials for Higher Value Work

task automation with aiello tms pro

When businesses describe the benefits of their product or service, they often note that it can save time. They take this benefit as self-evident: In their view, all businesses should want to reduce man-hours for certain tasks. But what good is time saved if it results in employees aimlessly standing around, or worse, engaging in […]

3 Ways Aiello Voice Assistant is Transforming Customer Service for Hotels

Aiello Voice Assistant is Transforming Customer Service

Hotels often pride themselves on their white glove service. When a guest goes up to a staff member or the concierge, they will answer any question, concern, or request as promptly as possible. Most hotels feel that this hand-holding is indicative of great customer service. What such hotels fail to think about is the opportunity […]

5 Transformative Forces Shaping the Hospitality Industry’s Future

Future of hospitality

The landscape of travel and hospitality is experiencing a resurgence following the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. As consumers show an increased appetite for travel, the hospitality industry is on the path to recovery. However, evolving guest expectations, operational optimization, and revenue recovery remain critical challenges that require adaptation and innovation. Here are five transformative […]

How to Deal with Staff Shortages in the Hospitality Industry

Staff shortages - help wanted

The workforce is facing the Great Resignation, and one of the hardest hit industries is hospitality. With employees increasingly preferring remote or hybrid setups, there are fewer job-seekers willing to work on-site at a hotel. As these preferences will not change anytime soon, hotel leaders and HR professionals cannot continue how they were recruiting and […]

Cloud-based AI vs On-Premise AI: Which Is Better?

Cloud or On-premise for AI

If you have been following the news, you will realize that artificial intelligence (AI) now stands at the forefront of computer science, endeavoring to create systems and machines capable of emulating human intelligence, encompassing perception, reasoning, learning, decision making, and natural language processing. The applications of AI are ubiquitous, permeating various domains including healthcare, education, […]

Mission Statement and Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

Our Mission Aiello is committed to being an innovative leader in connecting the world to the internet through our state-of-the-art smart speakers. Our mission extends beyond creating impeccable audio experiences to ensuring that all interactions through our devices are secure and protect the privacy and security of our customer’s data.  Security is Our Priority We […]

Why the Hospitality Industry Should Embrace Artificial Intelligence

Integration of artificial intelligence in hotel rooms

The hospitality industry perpetually seeks avenues to heighten guest experiences and streamline operations. An eminent development sparking conversations within the sector is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Particularly, the release of GPT-3.5 has propelled this trend to new heights. In this article, we will delve into the transformative impact of AI within the […]

Bridging the Tech Gap: From “Traditional” Hotels to Contemporary “Tech Led” Organizations

Bridge the tech gap

Yes, yes, yes the contemporary tech systems the hospitality industry has been waiting for are available now and offer incredible open-ended solutions… ready for implementation. Data, digital, gross revenue to net revenue to profit contribution, and BI, it is all there against very favorable SaaS pricing…a dream come true for all hoteliers. So why is […]

Delving Deeper: Evaluating the Top TMS Solutions Tailored to the Asia Pacific Region

More TMS solutions compared

In the first part of our series, we emphasized the importance of task management systems in any hotel’s technology stack. To accomplish this goal, we evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of several popular TMS solutions for hotels in Asia Pacific. In this continuation of the series, we will examine another four TMS solutions vis-a-vis Aiello […]