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Everything you need to know about Aiello Voice Assistant, from benefits to use cases.

How to Make the Most Out of AI-powered Products

How to make use of AI-powered Products

Most hotels on legacy systems – be they messaging apps, walkie-talkies, or note-taking via pen-and-paper – understand that they need to upgrade to AI-powered products. They are reluctant to do so for fear of switchover costs: Changing from their current system to a much better one will entail at least short-term challenges. However, businesses must […]

Personalized Care at Your Command: How Aiello’s Long-Term Care Solution Improves Patient Wellness

Long-Term Care Solution

Most people assume that the patient journey for all healthcare facilities is the same: The patient has a medical issue, be it an illness or injury. The person goes to the hospital or clinic. The doctor performs a treatment or prescribes medication, and the patient gets better. Unfortunately, this patient journey is not true for […]

A Day in the Life of a Guest using Aiello Voice Assistant: 24/7 Convenience

A Transformed Guest Experience

Now that the pandemic is over and the global economy is improving, people are starting to travel again, many for the first time in years. The hotel room that they encounter today will likely be different from what they experienced some time ago. Before, travelers had to make all requests and queries manually, either by […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Legacy Systems

The case for replacing legacy systems

When considering different products at a grocery store, consumers will always pick the superior item over the inferior one. Unfortunately, businesses don’t always have this same luxury. In most cases, they will already have a solution in use, so they cannot easily choose an alternative that is better. Enterprises, in short, are beholden to the […]

How Aiello’s Postpartum Care Solutions Can Help Maternity Centers Automate Tasks and Deliver Better Services

Postpartum care solutions for Maternity Centers

Maternity centers and postpartum hotels have an important mission: To provide quality healthcare, comfort, and rest to new mothers. Most doctors, nurses, and aides at such facilities believe that this is accomplished through execution: They must strive to deliver services and treatment to the best of their abilities and expertise. But execution is only one […]

9 Hotel Tips & Tricks for Better Housekeeping Operations

9 Hotel Tips & Tricks for Better Housekeeping Operations

Improving housekeeping operations is not just about maintaining hotel cleanliness and ensuring guest comfort—it is also about providing support to the front-line staff. The behind-the-scenes housekeeping powerhouse plays a key role among hotel departments, making sure the rooms are ready for guests and the front-of-house services can run smoothly.   Enhancing housekeeping operations and fostering seamless […]

Understanding the Technology Behind Aiello Voice Assistant

Technology Behind Aiello Voice Assistant

When using generative artificial intelligence (AI), the technology can almost seem magical. The user prompts it with some kind of input and out comes the exact output he is looking for in a matter of seconds. Because the technology works so seamlessly, users often don’t bother to find out how it works under the hood. […]

How Voice Assistants Revolutionize Human-Computer Interaction


Voice assistants have come a long way since their inception in the early 1960s. The first voice assistant was IBM’s Shoebox device, which could understand 16 words and 9 digits. Since then, voice assistants have evolved through four distinct eras: Origin, Pre-modern, Modern, and Smart Speaker Revolution. The modern era began with the launch of […]