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How to Handle Labor Shortages in the Hotel Industry

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Tourism demand is increasing globally as COVID-19 ends, and Japan’s relaxed border measures bring more inbound tourists. The hotel industry faces a manpower shortage problem again, and digital transformation is seen as a solution to the labor shortage issue. This article examines the post-COVID labor shortage in the hotel industry and the practical use of DX to address it.

How AI Enhances Hotel Guest Experience Through Innovative Technologies

How AI Enhances Hotel Guest Experience Through Innovative Technologies

In order to remain competitive, hotels must continually seek out new solutions and innovations. AI solutions, especially those in Voice AI and Virtual AI Assistants, provide exciting new ideas and services to many levels of hospitality – providing benefits to front of house, behind the scenes, and directly to the guests themselves.

Aiello Inc. Raises US$5.8M to Expand Its Voice AI Solutions Internationally 


Aiello, a leading Natural Language Processing and Voice AI startup, announced it has raised US$5.8M in a Series Pre-A+ funding round led by two major institutional investors, JAFCO Asia and Wistron Corporation. The existing investor Cornerstone Ventures also participated in the round. Aiello has raised a total of over US$10 million in funding since its inception four years ago. 

What are Guests Looking for in a Luxury Hotel Today?

What are Guests Looking for in a Luxury Hotel Today?

Modern luxury travelers strive for experiences. They want to share stories with their audience, garnished with images of their trip that make others feel inspired and frankly, a little jealous. Other than having more sophisticated tastes and desires, guests are also more selective regarding where and how they spend time and money.
In this article, we will explore what makes luxury travelers tick in this day and age.

Data is King: Using Aiello Voice Assistant as the Best Source of Insights on Your Hotel Business  

Data is King: Using Voice AI as the Best Source of Insights on Your Hotel Business

A ton of effort goes into making your guests feel special. You go the extra mile to put together a personalized welcome basket with assorted chocolates; buy specialty coffee beans from local roasters; add the touch of luxury with silk pillowcases and fluffy robes. How can you know if all that extra work truly impresses your customers?

3 Ways to Upsell in Your Hotel with AI

Farglory Hotel x AVA Fuel Collaboration with Local Businesses in Hualien

For most people, staying in a hotel is a unique experience of changing their environment. During this time, the guests are more willing to purchase extra services to elevate their travel experience.
Travelers are not looking for travel recommendations in a hotel anymore. In fact, most modern guests use Google search or social media like Instagram, to plan their trip.
So, how can a hotel win back guests’ attention in this day and age?