Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA) – the first ChatGPT voice AI solution for hotels 


Get ready for some exciting news! Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA) will be the first voice AI to integrate ChatGPT technology and apply a multi-model framework to your guest services.   

At this moment, the capabilities of advanced generative AI and large language models (LLMs) are captivating people on an incredible scale. Our team at Aiello has been working with OpenAI’s GPT3 and multiple open-source platforms for over 2 years, but there has never been a more exciting time in the field of AI than now, at the beginning of the paradigm shift.  

Introducing ChatAVA: Combining the benefits of LLMs with state-of-the-art hotel voice assistant AVA

Today, we’re delighted to introduce ChatGPT in AVA, which marks a new era in natural interaction with voice AI assistants for the most personalized guest experience. ChatGPT functionality of AVA supports all four languages English, Chinese, Japanese and Thai. At Aiello, we believe that combining the capabilities of GPT3 and ChatGPT models with AVA is just the beginning of an industry transformation through the tremendous benefits that large language models will bring when paired with a voice interface.  

Currently, our hospitality product AVA is integrated with multiple AI language models including GPT, BERT, and Dialogflow to support the following services:  

    • Individual information access. 
    • Music, and content access. 
    • IOT controls and general knowledge access. 
    • Daily inquiries like weather forecasts, time, and information about the destination. 

We believe that the integration of multiple language models including ChatGPT with our voice assistant, AVA, will bring the best user experience to the guest journey and meet your specific business needs.  

Supercharging hotels with ChatGPT capabilities: What does it mean for hotels and their guest experience?

Aiello was founded in 2019. Since then, our team has evolved AVA from a medium scale intent-based AI model to complex multilingual intelligence. Our goal is to supercharge the hotel experience with the most natural interface, voice, and state-of-the-art conversational AI technology.  

What we bring for hotel businesses: 

    • Easier than ever communication with the guests: 
    • Natural, user-friendly navigation through voice, and 24/7 multilingual assistance for the guests. 
    • Search for information in a familiar conversational environment, better context understanding, and experience for the guests at their destination. 
    • Personalized experience and offers tailored to the guests’ liking.   
    • Upgraded staff interface in the AVA back-end system for smoother task management in the back of house with voice and text commands for hands-free operations without the need for clicking buttons. 

We have improved guest and staff interactions by integrating voice AI assistant with a back-end system. This system streamlines task dispatch and offers a high level of customization that meets the needs of each property. Now, everything can be accomplished in just one step through text or voice commands. In the coming months, we are looking forward to unlocking this technology update for the existing hotels with AVA and new customers. 

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We don't rely only on ChatGPT but on a multi-model framework and here is why

Though ChatGPT is a game changer for conversational AI products, there are a few challenges in building solutions featuring only this model. There are many companies using the GPT-3 model (the base model of ChatGPT) in customer service at the moment, but it does not mean it is a universal solution for all problems.  

Every text input to GPT-3 and output results have costs and its responses are unpredictable. According to OpenAI for the strongest language model in this series, Davinci, it costs $0.002 to process 750 words or 1000 tokens in English vocabulary. When the number of users is unknown and the number of words for user input is unlimited, it becomes difficult to estimate the costs.   

ChatGPT is designed to generate long conversational answers that are not suitable for every use case. When it comes to digital assistance, simple FAQs like ‘What’s the Wi-Fi password?’ or ‘Where is the gym?’ the responses shouldn’t be detailed but rather short and exact. We believe that the multi-model framework approach is the key to the sustainable use of language models. It’s the most rational choice cost-wise, improves the conversational experience, and allows us to create the most efficient products. 

The road ahead: We’re about to go faster and further

There is no doubt that AI technology will continue advancing at incredible speed. Every 6 months from now on, we can expect major technology updates in the field of artificial intelligence. So, how can hotel businesses and technology suppliers stay ahead of the curve and prepare for the coming age of AI? 

At Aiello, our vision is to make voice AI technologies more accessible for business owners. ChatGPT technology and the multi-model framework will allow us to bring out the best in voice AI and tailor it for each industry and each use case. Our main focus is on customers and helping them to bring the most advanced voice experience suited for their business scenario. Language model framework can be applied at every step of the product.  

Since the beginning, we saw the enormous potential of generative AI and natural language technology. We expect 2023 to be the strongest year for generative AI which is shaking up the tech world right now. Moving forward, we will keep exploring the boundaries of our technology in multiple industries with the next product, Vocol, a GPT-3 meeting intelligence for professionals. And we’ll continue pushing the hospitality industry forward, unlocking new benefits and business opportunities for hotels while also giving guests a more wholesome hospitality experience 

If you still haven’t explored voice AI options for your business, it’s never too late! Message our team and join the ride today; we’ll be happy to advise you further. 

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