Task Automation with Aiello TMS Pro: Maximizing the Potentials for Higher Value Work

task automation with aiello tms pro

When businesses describe the benefits of their product or service, they often note that it can save time. They take this benefit as self-evident: In their view, all businesses should want to reduce man-hours for certain tasks.

But what good is time saved if it results in employees aimlessly standing around, or worse, engaging in negative workplace behavior, such as gossiping or moonlighting? Businesses, in short, need to show what higher-value work that staff can move to with the time they gain from their product or service.

With Aiello TMS Pro, hotels can save hundreds of man-hours through more efficient task creation and automation, real-time status updating, operational data, and other features. Here are three key areas that hotels should concentrate on to maximize the potentials of higher value work.

Customer delight

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Hotels understand that the features of Aiello TMS Pro can save time on routine tasks. For a guest requesting extra linens, for example, a hotel manager can assign the task, check on its status, and even escalate it as needed. If a hotel has a standard operating procedure for a regular task, such as how sales agents book clients for the conference venues, they can create a custom workflow, and even draw on a library of templates.

Hotels frequently overlook that the a task management system can help with not only necessary or guest-initiated tasks, but also for those that help them go above and beyond the call of duty. For example, a hotel manager can assign a concierge to notify guests that they have been given a free upgrade to a superior room, deliver them a welcome basket of fruits, or offer them complimentary passes to the hotel spa.

Because these tasks show that the hotel is a proactive brand, one that thinks ahead in terms of hospitality, guests will be delighted. They were not expecting any of these extra touches or treats, so these will come as a welcome surprise. This type of customer delight is what will inspire guests to return again and again to a particular hotel or chain.

Trend setting and taste making

As a lifestyle business, hotels are subject to trends like any other organization in the category. Most hotel leadership understands this fact, but they tend to be reactive. For example, if a rival hotel adds a new amenity, the hotel management may consider doing so as well. This behavior is a losing game: Such hotels will always be a step behind.

Aiello TMS Pro can change this paradigm. It provides an unprecedented level of data on individual staff, hotel departments, and overall performance, which saves hotels time from trying to manually collect, clean, and store this information. In addition, hotels can use this information to divine what kind of trends will pop up next.

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For example, if a hotel gets regular inquiries on whether there are charging stations available for electric vehicles, they may install several in the parking lot. If the hotel is regularly asked for assistance with marriage proposals, they may prepare a special offering for the future, so that more revenue is made and the hotel’s branding is front and center in the Instagrammable moment.

Setting these hospitality trends, no matter how mundane, will make the hotel top-of-mind among guests as a reliable, forward-thinking brand.

Reputation management

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Managing a hotel with analogue task management systems, such as messaging apps, walkie-talkies, or pen-and-paper is difficult. Because staff are accustomed to receiving orders from the top-down, they tend not to take action until a task is assigned to them. As a result, the hotel’s reputation suffers.

Guests will notice leftover trays of food sitting in the hallway, spills in the lobby left uncleaned, and long queues of people waiting in line for amenities where the service person is on a temporary break. Although these are a wide variety of issues, Aiello TMS Pro can help here, too.

Because Aiello TMS Pro saves time – staff can create their own tasks rather than wait for managers to assign them – they will be more proactive in solving the issues that can negatively affect a hotel’s reputation. This bottom-up initiative will contribute to a hotel’s reputation management: There will be fewer issues that can detract from a guest’s experience.

Hotel management can enhance this proactive problem-solving through formal training. They can emphasize that the hotel’s branding is not static, but actively shaped through how well they maintain the facilities, provide services, and treat guests. Now staff will protect the hotel’s reputation as if it were their own.

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Filling the gap

Unless a business is making widgets, saving time should never be an end goal on its own. Hotels in particular should aim to save time on administrative tasks, such as communicating tasks back-and-forth, so they can focus on higher-value functions.

With Aiello TMS Pro, hotels can achieve exactly this goal. They can delight guests by anticipating their possible needs and wants, cater to trends as they emerge in the data, and even enhance the hotel’s reputation through active problem-solving. Hotels, in short, can maximize their staff’s potential with Aiello TMS Pro: They will concentrate on the work that pushes them to be their very best in service of guests.

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