GION ELITE TERRACE – Japan’s First Hotel with Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA)


Welcome to the newly unveiled GION ELITE TERRACE hotel! Conveniently situated near must-see attractions like Yasaka Shrine, Kiyomizu Temple, and Gion Hanamikoji, the GION ELITE TERRACE delights its guests with numerous one-of-a-kind experiences that revitalize your frame and mind. To further enhance your stay, we’re excited to debut the Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA) in Japan; blending cutting-edge innovation with wellness and the timeless beauty of Kyoto at this unique property.

Experience the Height of Wellness and Atmosphere in Kyoto's Gion Bishamoncho

GION ELITE TERRACE greets you with gentle sunbeams filtering through the wooden lattice ceiling. Each guest room is designed with natural materials, complemented by wooden sculptures and artistic creations inspired by ancient Kyoto traditions, creating a serene, nature-rich haven. The spacious accommodations range from 28 to 45 square meters for families and international travelers, while the exclusive super suites boast a total area of 105 to 125 square meters with private entrances. Family and long-term guests at GION ELITE TERRACE can enjoy mini-kitchens in every room and shared laundry facilities for extra convenience.

The rooms feature oxygen bubble baths installed in the bathrooms of all guest rooms. The revitalizing microbubbles cleanse and warm the body while leaving the skin feeling refreshed and moisturized for an extended period – ideal for recovery from long journeys. Additionally, the guests at GION ELITE TERRACE can enjoy the popular Finnish-style private wellness room, complete with the special löyly steam experience generated by water poured over hot stones.

GION ELITE TERRACE’s commitment to cutting-edge technology ensures the utmost comfort and convenience for its valued guests. Our 24/7 AI butler, AVA, is at your service, providing recommendations for top attractions, hotel amenities, nearby points of interest, and transportation options. There’s no need to consult hotel staff; simply ask AVA for assistance. AVA supports four languages: Chinese, Japanese, English, and Thai, making it incredibly user-friendly for international guests. Additionally, this sleek device enables you to control a variety of smart room features, such as lighting, curtains, or customized room settings. 


Kyoto's time-honored traditions meet modern innovations

Vic Shen – Aiello CEO:

“I am incredibly pleased that Aiello’s technology has found a home at GION ELITE TERRACE hotel, marking its debut in Japan. This exceptional hotel, with its diverse offerings, is the perfect partner to initiate our business expansion in the region. We are committed to pursuing rapid and efficient development, ultimately driving innovation within the local sector.”

Aiello has been fostering digital experience (DX) within the hotel industry. AVA-equipped hotels throughout Asia share a common vision of smart luxury for this new era, embracing the positive impact of technology on the sector. We are exceptionally proud that our partner, GION ELITE TERRACE chose to lead the way in innovation for Japan’s hotel industry and set a new bar for the next wave of hotels.

GION ELITE TERRACE is a luxury wellness hotel in the Gion-Bishamoncho part of Kyoto, which embodies the principles of “Culture & Wellness. Guests can admire Kyoto’s rich heritage and cultural traditions, as the hotel’s unique design provides a tranquil haven that combines nature, ancient customs, and technological innovation.

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Aiello is a leading provider of Voice AI in the hospitality industry. Its flagship product, Aiello Voice Assistant, is a multi-award-winning talk & touch voice AI technology solution designed to streamline hotel operations, enhance the guest experience, and collect insights about customer behavior. Since 2019 Aiello Voice Assistant has been deployed in over 80 hotels, and 8000 rooms and it has answered over 14 million inquiries to 2.5 million end users in Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and English language.

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