Aiello Voice Assistant is a great help for parents, and a good friend for children. Since the introduction of Aiello Voice Assistant, many parents have shared their experience on social media, showing us that AI technology can actually bring us closer together with intimate family time.” 

– Wang Wude, General Manager of the Walden Yilan


Aiello Voice Assistant

100% of hotel rooms equipped with our device

Data Analysis

Total amount of data collected: 140k actionable items

Smart Room Control

Utilization rate accounts for 40% of collected data

About the Hotel

Aiello 犀動智能科技 宜蘭悅川酒店

In the life of a traveler lies in The Walden Yilan. 

The quietness, comfort and beauty presented in American philosopher Thoreau’s “Lakeside Notes” is the exact unique experience the Walden Yilan aims to bring to its travelers. Whether it’s holding a pencil to a sketchbook to quietly complete a travel diary, or attaching a camera to a bicycle to capture the beauty of the Taiwanese countryside, or to get together with relatives and friends away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the time you spend in The Walden Yilan will be that of beauty and serenity.  

We welcome you like a family, transcending cultural and language barriers and establishing a deep and natural understanding for all our guests. We look forward to forming this close familiarity with every one of our travelers. Let the calmness of The Walden Yilan soothe your heart. 

Issues and Challenges

Creating a Customer Experience to Please Both Parents and Children

Family guests are often preoccupied with making their children happy, but as service providers in the hotel industry, we also care about the happiness of mom and dad. In the current environment, the issue of how to satisfy both parents and children while providing updated products and services is a challenge we are always thinking about. We have worked hard to figure out how best to enhance the accommodation experience within the guest room, whether that be through the improvement of hardware facilities or software services.   

Avoiding Congestion During Peak Hours of Facility Usage

The Walden Yilan has dedicated facilities for parents and kids, including a slide ball pool, a building block area, bumper cars and video game area. Those are just some of the favorite places for parents, moms and children to enjoyWe also organize a number of activities for the whole family.  

Our main challenge is to let our guests enjoy every facility while avoiding congestion at peak hours. We also aim to provide a simple and efficient way for guests to be informed of our activity schedule. Before Aiello, we had been looking for a method or a technology to assist our staff.   

Using Collected Data for Problem Solving and Business Strategies

The Convenience of Voice Control for Room Appliances

“Hello AI, I want to sleep!” 

“Hello AI, I’m so cold!” 

Have you ever spent ages looking for the light switch when staying in a hotel? Aiello’s Assistant can easily control the various appliances in a room with just one sentence. Whether it is turning on the TV, adjusting the temperature or turning off the lights, you can give all your instructions to our assistant.   

Thousands of Online Music Choices at the Tip of Your Tongue

“Hello AI, tell me a story!” 

After the little ones are finished playing, it’s time for the parents to enjoy their vacation.When back to the room, ask our assistant to tell a bedtime story, and the kids will slowly drift off to sleep.   

Aiello integrates with the most popular online music streaming service, which offers more than 40 million pieces of music, audio books, children’s stories, and all kinds of audio entertainment.  

Introduction of service facilities

“Hello AI, what time does the next train leave?”   

“Hello AI, do I need to make an appointment for the bumper cars?” 

Using Aiello Voice Assistant, travelers can get answers to various hotel facility and event information enquiries. It is fast and simple, and systematically accurate. Moreover, it can be used by both adults and children!  

3,200+ The number of inquiries made to Aiello Voice Assistant in the hotel can reach over 3,200 a day
30+ On average, there are more than 30 inquiries per room per day.


The core mindset of the Yilan The Walden Hotel is “attentive, entertaining hospitality”. Using innovative technology such as Aiello Voice Assistant helps us maintain this core value. In addition to being a smart and caring little butler, he is also a good friend and can accompany children to play and grow. As soon as every guest enters their room and sees Little Rhino, they cannot wait to interact with it. Through the implementation of this AI system, we have created a new a full-hearted parent-child travel experience.  


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