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With Aiello, we can create the most comfortable travel experience for our guests. Even if we are dealing with important coronavirus prevention measures, the experience doesn’t have to be below our usual standards!” 

– Eugene Zheng, Director of Guest Rooms


Aiello Voice Assistant

The essential tool for epidemic prevention measures

Task management system

Quickly understand the status of your guests

Data Management

Access new data for a perfect service

About the hotel

Aiello 犀動智能科技 司旅

After a long day of travelling, Chez Nous is waiting for you in the night light of the city. Our services warmly embrace the needs of travellers, providing you with a cozy and comfortable place to return to. Come to our home, Chez Nous, and discover Taipei.

Issues and challenges

Communication and booking confirmation through social media was slow and time consuming

To ensure minimal disruption to guests’ stay, most essential communications with guests were previously conducted through the messaging app LINEThe tracking of service requests was scattered throughout various different LINE groups, or other social media. Which made dealing with this information the most time and energy consuming task for staff members. 

Providing a better hotel experience for quarantine guests

Maintaining the classic characteristics of the hotel, emphasizing “experience and feeling” in a somewhat different context of travel, avoiding the 14 days of quarantine feeling like prison torture.   

When choosing a quarantine hotel, guests have a variety of concerns and anxieties. In addition to satisfying a wide variety of needs, hotel services must also innovate and provide new experiences for this special group of guests who cannot go anywhere. 

Data analytics helped solve pressing issues and establish new business strategies

With Aiello Voice Assistant, say goodbye to missed messages!

For guests at Chez Nous Hotel, no matter the request, all they need to do is say: 

Hello AII’ve ordered take out and it’s coming in 10 minutes, please collect it for me.” 

Hello AII want fresh towels.” 

Hello AI, help me call the front desk.” 

Upon receiving the request, our back-end service will automatically record the request and notify service staff. Staff can receive requests on any mobile device (phone, tablet, computer etc), confirm and flag the request details, record completion time, task results and other information. 

Listen to any music online to reduce quarantine stress

Aiello’s built-in online music streaming service enriches the guests’ hotel entertainment experience, allowing guests to enjoy their favourite music anytime. Let Chez Nous Hotel’s soothing and comfortable environment makes the complex feelings that can arise during the 14 days of quarantine much more bearable.  

Hello AI, please turn on some relaxing music to sleep.” 

Hello AIplease turn on the current Mandarin top hits.” 

Hello AI, I want to listen to Jay Chou’s ‘Rice Field.’” 

Our assistant offers news and current affairs, religious songs, audio books and a large number of children’s stories, providing parents with a “secret weapon” to whom need to entertain their children during quarantine. Our media collection significantly reduces the psychological burden and pressure on parents and children during this tiring quarantine period. 

Two-way interaction for subtle reminders that do not disturb guests

Hotel staff can also send reminders to guests though Aiello Voice Assistant in a helpful yet subtle way, so that whether guests are using their phone or computer for watching TV, playing games or chatting, they will remain uninterrupted.   

“Ding-dong, breakfast is here!” 

“Ding-dong, your takeout order has arrived, someone is on their way to bring it to you.” 

“Ding-dong, just a reminder to check your temperature today!” 

Automatic online translation, breaking language barriers

For foreign travellers who do not use LINE or speak Chinese, Aiello’s back-end platform will also automatically translate customer needs and send them to hotel staff. Aiello offers smooth conversation between Chinese, English and Japanese, breaking language barriers and communication difficulties, enabling efficient and accurate service to be provided regardless of the circumstances.  

“Hello AI, please get me some me water.” 

Service management system notification: 308房客需要一杯水 

0 °C
Aiello Voice Assistant has become the most efficient new interactive interface between our guests and staff, especially in regards of epidemic prevention measures: "Hello AI, I want to report my body temperature. Today it is 36.5 degrees."


14 days of quarantine has become part of the normal living experience for many people. In the past two years, whether it was for a business trip or returning home to visit relatives, a 14 day quarantine period has become a “normalized” hotel experience. Some people pass the time exercising, watching TV shows, or playing video games. 

With Aiello Voice Assistant personalized service, this temporary two-week home has brought people and technology closer together while ensuring efficient service is provided to all guests. Creating a safe contactless experience for our guests is the key to our hotel’s successful recovery after the pandemic. This digitalization is a way to boost confidence in our health and safety standards, but it also helps us optimize our costs and increase our operations efficiency. 


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