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Aiello Voice Assistant is the most attentive little helper, allowing guests to better understand Silks Place Tainan’s service and spirit. It has also enabled our colleagues to have more time to better serve our customers, more deeply understand the needs and preferences of guests in a systematic way, and provide the best quality travel experience.

– Rebecca Lee, General manager of Silks Place Tainan


Aiello Voice Assistant

100% Installation

Back-end Management System

60% increase in back-end management usage

Data Analysis

Total actionable data collected: 150k items

About the Hotel

Aiello 犀動智能科技 台南晶英酒店

The Silks Place Taiwan is located in the West District of Tainan City. It is an international-class business resort hotel under the Silks International Hotel Group. The surrounding area is full of rich historical beauty and deep culture, combined with commercial and business areas; adjacent to Shinkong Mitsukoshi Mall and Xiaoximen business district, and also within walking distance from historical sites and attractions in the city. Transportation is convenient, taking only 30 minutes by car to reach Tainan High Speed Rail Station and Tainan Science Park.

The Silks Place Tainan believes in “modernity and timelessness”, incorporating Tainan’s traditional Confucian style into our design elements, in addition to Fujian architectural features to decorate our spaces. The heart of our hotel is hidden in the details.

Issues and Challenges

Excessive Repetitive Work

The Silks Place Tainan is a five-star touristic hotel. For this type of hotel, the staff outnumbers the guests by almost three times. In other words, each guest has roughly three people to meet their needs. The front desk in particular has to deal with check-in, check-outs, reservations questions and with requests of similar nature every day. The repetitive tasks can take up to more than 50% of their time. 

Lack of Channels for Customers to Communicate Their Needs

As someone working in the hotel industry, what I want to know the most is what my guests want, what their experience is, what services need to be strengthened and how they feel about their meals. Silks Place’s care for customers is evident to all, however in terms of what method we should use to best serve our customers’ needs and correctly execute business strategies without wasting unnecessary time, this is a matter that takes hard work and time to resolve. 

Silks Place’s goal is to understand our guests’ desires more deeply. We have the ability to meet the needs of our guests, but what specifically are their needs, and how can we learn of them? 

Data Analytics Helped Solve Pressing Issues and Establish New Business Strategies

Voice AI Service Reduces Required Manpower and Staff Workload

Silks Place Tainan uses Aiello Voice Assistant  for their room service and common daily enquiries. This has greatly reduced the workload for customer service staff. Frequently asked questions that can be answered by Aiello include: 

What’s good to eat around here?

What is the WiFi password?

What’s the latest I can check out?

Where’s the hairdryer?

How much are the drinks in the fridge?

Where’s the gym?

Can you get me two bottles of water?

The AI system supports repetitive tasks so that employees can place all their energy on thinking about how to make the hotel experience better. The voice service has relieved the manpower-strained restaurant in particular, and also demonstrated that AI can be used in business, not as a threat to replace work, but rather to allow people to do their job more efficiently. 

Understanding Clients and Solving Problems Through Data

When Silks Place Tainan first started to cooperate with Aiello, we expressed that we wanted to understand customers more through data, and more importantly what they were thinking. After learning about Aiello’s solutions, we discovered just how possible it was to use data to identify problems! 

At first, the hotel thought that the main question people wanted to know was when the swimming pool was open. However, using voice data we discovered that customers also wanted to know: 

What is the temperature of the swimming pool?

Should I wear a swimming cap?

Are there swimsuits and goggles on sale?

How deep is the water?

It is therefore incredibly important to maintain a clear database of the entire hotel. With Aiello, the hotel has established a new communication channel between the hotel and its guests.  In the future, Silks Place Tainan will be a smart hotel that utilizes data to improve all the services it provides. 

The number of queries since February 2021


Attentive to guests’ needs 24 hours a day

Aiello Voice Assistant carries out guests’ requests and keeps a clear and secure track of every interaction. The backend platform let hoteliers gain deep insights on the frequent questions and issues their guests have and how to solve them. These might include where to eat or have fun nearby, how long it might take them to get to local transport services, understand the price of refreshments in the room and so on. Aiello solution has helped better understand labor costs and streamline staff workload.  

Being more active towards guests 

After guests check in, some hotels have no way to actively contact guests and can only receive guest requests passively. Because Aiello’s device is so close to the guests, they are happy to interact with it, and even ask more questions that they usually would think too “troublesome” to ask, “forgot” to ask or felt too shy to bring up. 

Aiello also allows hotels to explore more potential business opportunities and upselling through analysis of data records. For example, in the Silks Place, with a high proportion of parent-child stays and a strong interactive demand, the hotel planned more parent-child services, and even parenting activities linked to Tainan’s local culture. We have been able to more actively meet the needs of travelers, and both create more service options for guests as well as business opportunities for the hotel. 

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