Chatrium Grand Bangkok opens with Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA)

The long awaited Chatrium Grand Bangkok is now open! On December 7, 2022, it held its official launch event from its prime location in the famous Siam area, already positioning itself as one of the city’s major luxury landmark.

Chatrium Grand Bangkok opens with Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA)
Brand new hotel by Chatrium Hospitality, Chatrium Grand Bangkok, opened on December 7, 2022

Aiello is proud to partner with Chatrium Hospitality to implement Voice AI capabilities to the hotel’s guest experience. This partnership also has a specific meaning to us, as this is Aiello Voice Assistant’s (AVA) first deployment in Thailand, showing the industry is ready to embrace voice technologies as the next step of Thai luxury hospitality experience.

A new luxury experience in the heart of Bangkok

With Chatrium Grand Bangkok as the latest addition to its already impressive luxury collection, independent hotel group, Chatrium Hospitality, anchors itself as the perfect embodiment of Thai-inspired hospitality. This exceptional 582-room property focuses on highlighting Thai refined service authenticity while blending its local heritage into the highest modern hotel experience.

The hotel features spacious rooms and suites with stunning views, all elegantly designed and of course equipped with cutting edge technology, including AVA, the most advanced voice assistant for hospitality. Using this new interface, Chatrium’s guests can make sure not to miss any of the incredible facilities the hotel has to offer. Swimming pool, fitness center, SPA, Chatrium Grand Bangkok has it all, including exquisite dining options like Savio (Thai & International), or Casia (French Mediterranean).

Perspective view at the entrance of Chatrium Grand Bangkok
Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA) inside a guest room at the Chatrium Grand Bangkok
Chatrium Gand Bangkok chose to deploy Aiello in 317 of their rooms to create an innovative way to engage with their guests.

Strong emphasis on innovation

To align with its promise to “Feel the Remarkable”, Chatrium Hospitality makes sure to be one of the leading innovator in the industry. Aiello found in Chatrium a partner that shares the common vision that guest facing technologies create the new age of luxury experience. The group puts efforts in developing cutting-edge processes and distribution platforms to drive direct bookings and increase revenue. It also encourages each of their property to leverage technology and data analytics to improve the guest experience and streamline the operations. Chatrium Gand Bangkok chose to deploy Aiello in 317 of their rooms to create an innovative way to engage with their guests.

Aiello has always encouraged bold innovative hotels in the industry. In Taiwan, Japan, and other countries, hotels equipped with AVA have the same vision on what luxury hospitality should be and how the innovation and technology can help bring it there. Aiello is proud to have Chatrium Grand Bangkok leading the way in adopting Voice AI and fostering innovation in Thai Hospitality market.

Personalized luxury with voice AI

Chatrium sought a seamless method of communication with guests and turned to AVA for assistance. The AVA system allows for smooth communication with guests, encouraging them to share their preferences.

Daniel Kerr – Chatrium Grand Bangkok General Manager:

“The way we embrace technology at Chatrium Hospitality is to give employees and customers the tools they need to get their information quickly and efficiently. AVA allows us to interact with our in-house guests more frequently, collect, collate and process their feedback and requests more efficiently, plus analyze user data. We feel this helps us understand the guest better, strengthening their connection with us.”

AVA not only smoothens customer journey, but also drives conversions, reduces lines at the front desk, takes care of repetitive tasks for hotel staff, and through data-driven insights, brings hotels closer to the guests

AVA will be implemented in two phases in the Chatrium Grand Bangkok. The first phase will include a basic voice assistance, touch screen capabilities, VoIP, and digital signage. The second phase will expand to include frequently asked questions, task delivery, and information about the surrounding environment.

Vic Shen – Aiello CEO:

“We are excited to partner with Chatrium Grand Bangkok to provide their guests with a truly exceptional and personalized experience. As a leading voice AI technology, AVA is committed to helping hotels like Chatrium enhance their guest experience and make every stay unforgettable. We look forward to exploring this partnership and helping Chatrium elevate their offering even further.”

About Chatrium Hospitality

Chatrium Hospitality operates a total of 12 hotels, resorts and residences currently operating in three countries: Thailand, Japan and Myanmar. The collection comprises nine properties in Bangkok, including Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok, one of the most iconic landmarks on the banks of the Chao Phraya River.

About Aiello

Aiello is a leading provider of Voice AI in the hospitality industry. Its flagship product, Aiello Voice Assistant, is a multi-award-winning talk & touch voice AI technology solution designed to streamline hotel operations, enhance the guest experience, and collect insights about customer behavior. Since 2019 Aiello Voice Assistant has been deployed in over 60 hotels, and 6000 rooms, and it has answered over 12.5 million inquiries to 1.5 million end users in Chinese, Japanese, Thai and English language.

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