Hotel Indigo partners with Aiello and creates an exceptional guest experience in Alishan

Taiwan is welcoming its newest and highest altitude international hotel this month, the Hotel Indigo Alishan. Located in the picturesque region of Alishan, the hotel offers guests a unique blend of modern luxury and natural beauty.

Hotel Indigo partners with Aiello and creates an exceptional guest experience in Alishan
Aiello is proud to partner with the Hotel Indigo Alishan to implement its Voice AI technology, Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA), in the hotel's guest experience.

Aiello is proud to partner with the Hotel Indigo Alishan to implement its Voice AI technology, Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA), in the hotel’s guest experience. This marks AVA’s latest deployment in Taiwan, showing once more that the Taiwanese hospitality industry is leading the way in adopting voice technologies with innovative and outstanding hotels.

Experiencing the “endless treasures” of Alishan

One of the standout features of the Hotel Indigo Alishan is its focus on green architectural design. The exterior of the building uses a large stone wall with a grille design of cypress and railway elements, giving it the appearance of a train carriage. The hotel’s interior also incorporates natural elements, creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for guests.

Hotel Indigo Alishan offers guests spacious rooms and suites with stunning views, all elegantly designed and equipped with cutting-edge technology, including AVA. Using this new interface, guests can make the most of the hotel’s incredible facilities, including an all-day dining restaurant featuring traditional Tsou aboriginal dishes, the first infinity swimming pool in Alishan, and a fully equipped fitness center.

Innovation deep into Nature

In line with its vision to provide a unique luxury experience, the Hotel Indigo Alishan is committed to innovation. Aiello found in the hotel a partner that shares the common vision that guest-facing technologies create the new age of luxury experiences. The hotel has implemented AVA in 84 rooms, creating an innovative way to engage with guests and streamline operations.

Paul Fu – Hotel Indigo Alishan General Manager:

Each of our hotels is a unique reflection of its surroundings and with the opening of the Hotel Indigo Alishan, we are excited to bring this sense of authenticity to Alishan. We believe that the hospitality industry is all about providing warm, personalized service, and technology can play a crucial role in achieving this goal. Using AVA to anticipate and address our guests’ needs, we can make their stay more comfortable and also emphasize our hotel’s position as an innovator in the industry.

Innovation and natural elements are seamlessly integrated throughout the hotel. One unique feature of the hotel is its hallway incorporating the sounds of a forest, providing guests with a sense of being immersed in nature. The hotel’s elevator also showcases its innovative capabilities, featuring digital sakura falling down the elevator shaft, creating a serene and relaxing atmosphere.

Vic Shen – Aiello CEO:

At Aiello, we believe that hotel technology should blend into a hotel experience so well, that guest seamlessly experience it without even noticing. Hotel Indigo Alishan’s integration of technology and local elements creates a unique and exceptional guest experience in a perfect balance. We are excited to be part of this journey.

About Hotel Indigo

Hotel Indigo is committed to make travel inspiring. Since launching in 2004, the brand has grown rapidly with outstanding hotels in some of the world’s best destinations – from New York to Hong Kong. 135 hotels are now under the Hotel Indigo brand, which represent more than 17,000 rooms. The brand is set to double its portfolio over the next three to five years and continue its strong growth as one of the largest boutique brands in this fast-growing segment.

About Aiello

Aiello is a leading provider of Voice AI in the hospitality industry. Its flagship product, Aiello Voice Assistant, is a multi-award-winning talk & touch voice AI technology solution designed to streamline hotel operations, enhance the guest experience, and collect insights about customer behavior. Since 2019 Aiello Voice Assistant has been deployed in over 60 hotels, and 8000 rooms, and it has answered over 12.5 million inquiries to 1.5 million end users in Chinese, Japanese, Thai and English language.

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