Farglory Hotel x AVA Fuel Collaboration with Local Businesses in Hualien

Having AVA has helped us in terms of overcoming staff shortages and improving customer experience, but what’s impressive is how fast it took off our close collaboration with local businesses and encouraged more tourists to explore Hualien.  

~ Emily Liu, General Manager of Farglory Hotel Hualien
Farglory Hotel Hualien x AVA Fuel Collaboration with Local Businesses

Key Outcomes

Better Guest Room Experience with Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA)

AVA is live in all rooms (over 300) at the Farglory Hotel Hualien.

Deeper Understanding of the Customer

AVA has had over 150,000 interactions with guests at the Farglory Hotel Hualien

Social Media Destination Marketing for Hualien

AVA helped launch collaboration with 300 merchants in the surrounding area

About Farglory Hotel Hualien

Farglory Hotel Hualien, opened in 2002, is the first international five-star hotel in Hualien County. Together with the Farglory Ocean Park in eastern Taiwan, Farglory Hotel Hualien is among the most profitable projects by the Farglory Group.

The hotel is built 220 meters above the sea level, designed in romantic, Victorian style with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the Central Mountain Range.

“Farglory Hotel Hualien offers a truly dazzling experience for the guests, both new and old.” 


Minimize Labor Costs & Maximize (Time) Efficiency

The excellence of five-star hotels, like the Farglory Hotel, is driven by outstanding employees & effective staff management. Answering all phone calls, responding to each and every guest’s request gets truly overwhelming during the peak season.

Hotels operating at high capacity need the staff to juggle multiple things at once. This labor-intensive and expensive time calls for solutions that generate more efficiency within operations, and minimize labor costs.

Build a Collaborative Ecosystem with Local Businesses

Farglory is an enterprise group focused on leisure tourism. Their goal is to bring a local experience closer to their guests and tell the story of  Hualien as a destination.

Farglory Hotel Hualien was searching for an attractive way for their guests to learn about the surrounding scenic spots, cultural sights and farms signature to the Hualien. The hotel wanted to be at the forefront of promoting the destination and the local experience to visitors. 

Farglory Hotel x AVA Fuel Collaboration with Local Businesses in Hualien
Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA) helps Farglory Hotel Hualien to collect data on customer behavior and guide marketing strategies.


Driving Smoother Operations and Time Efficiency

AVA helps Farglory Hotel Hualien to collect data on customer behavior and guide marketing strategies.  

“What time is breakfast? ” 

“Where is the gym? “  

“I need a towel”  

With AVA the hotel found out that 23% of the customers ask for housekeeping service or hotel-related information. The management team can update the information they offer to their guests, based on the guest’s frequently asked questions.

Because AVA handles many repetitive tasks, Farglory Hotel Hualien was able to better manage hotel staff, streamline the workflows, and heavily reduce labor expenses.

Using Social Media & Technology to Promote Destination

“What are the best places to visit?”  

“Where can I get local food?”  

“Where to buy local souvenirs?”  

Besides top tips for sightseeing in the surrounding area, AVA gives the guests options to visit local farms, cultural sights, or attend DIY courses, and cooking classes.

Farglory Hotel Hualien also focuses on connecting and promoting local businesses. Guests can easily find information about the best deals on AVA and access discount coupons and promotions driven by the joint collaboration between Farglory Hotel Hualien, Aiello, and the local businesses.

Average number of guest inquiries per day 


With AVA, Farglory Hotel Hualien was able to minimize repetitive tasks in their daily operations, and decrease labor expenses while maintaining their five-star service quality.  The hotel also launched an extensive collaborative network of neighboring businesses to promote tourism in Hualien. 

In this interview with Emily Liu, General Manager of Farglory Hotel Hualien, you can explore the story of Farglory Hotel Hualien in more detail. 

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