ASAI Kyoto Shijo introduces Aiello’s Voice AI technology – AVA

ASAI Kyoto Shijo hotel

ASAI Hotels, based in Thailand, has announced a partnership with Aiello to introduce the cutting-edge Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA) to ASAI Kyoto Shijo, located in the heart of historic Kyoto. The hotel welcomes guests from all over the world, offering a unique experience immersed in Japanese culture and aesthetics. ASAI Kyoto Shijo and Aiello aim to enhance the fusion of Thai hospitality and Japanese regional culture, while featuring innovative technology.

A unique experience at ASAI Kyoto Shijo

The functional and modern guest rooms at ASAI Kyoto Shijo incorporate local culture and aesthetic sensibilities, allowing guests to experience the traditional elegance of Kyoto. With the introduction of AVA and its latest amenities, the hotel enriches the guest experience even further. 

The communal area of the hotel, which includes dining and bar areas, is frequented by the local community and provides opportunities for the hotel guests to interact with Kyoto residents. Through various activities involving the local community, guests can experience firsthand the concept of ASAI, which is to “LIVE LOCAL”. 

Public are at ASAI Kyoto Shijo hotel

Embracing Innovation and Tradition

ASAI Kyoto Shijo combines traditional Japanese aesthetics with technological innovation to provide guests with an unique and memorable stay. AVA, which answers guest questions and delivers timely information, has been introduced in selected rooms, transforming the guest experience and streamlining hotel operations through a voice-controlled interface. 

“At Aiello, we believe that technology should enhance the guest experience rather than hinder it, maximizing its value,” said the CEO of Aiello Vic Shen. “With ASAI Kyoto Shijo hotel’s incorporation of AVA, we have been able to achieve a perfect harmony of tradition and innovation in the guest experience.” 

ASAI Kyoto Shijo, which continuously offers unique experiences that immerse guests in local culture, will further advance the guest experience through the seamless integration of innovative technology. 

ASAI room

About ASAI Kyoto Shijo

In early April 2018, Dusit International announced ASAI Hotels, a distinctive new brand designed to provide authentic local experiences to curious millennial travelers in vibrant cities and resort destinations around the world. ASAI Hotels opened its first property at Bangkok’s renowned Chinatown in the first quarter of 2019 and has since focused on providing guests with genuine local experiences. Incorporating a concept that emphasizes sustainable communities and reflecting the culture and heritage of each location through collaboration with local artisans. 

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About Aiello

Aiello is a leading company in the field of voice AI in the hospitality industry. Our flagship product, the Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA), is an AI technology solution that combines touch and voice for the purpose of streamlining hotel operations, enhancing guest experiences, and collecting insights into customer behavior. AVA has received numerous awards and has been deployed in over 80 hotels and more than 8,000 rooms since 2019. It has facilitated conversations with over 2 million users in Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and English, answering over 14 million inquiries.

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