MVI Systems Ltd. partners with Aiello Inc. to connect TV information systems with Aiello Voice Assistant

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AI Tech Collaboration Between Aiello and MVI

Aiello Inc. is proud to announce a partnership with MVI Systems Ltd., a leading provider of IPTV-based entertainment solutions for hotels, hospitals, and enterprises. This collaboration will enhance the capabilities of Aiello’s and MVI’s respective technology products and take the in-room guest interactions to the next level. Aiello Voice Assistant, a voice AI assistant for hospitality, now fully integrates with MVI Systems’ IPTV-based entertainment solution. 

The integration of voice AI technology and the TV display inside the guest room allows guests to voice control all their interactions with the TV, including ordering room service, eMenu display, in-room service bill display, and of course the basics, such as switching channels, screen casting, online video streaming and more. This integration highlights how matching audiovisual display with Aiello Voice Assistant can make the customer journey inside the guest room a smooth and seamless experience. 

“Combining voice AI technology with visual display is always a challenge, Aiello, together with MVI, is excited to bring this new interactive user experience to the hotel guests,”

~ Vic Shen, Aiello Inc. Co-founder & CEO

“MVI is dedicated to delivering the most intuitive infotainment solutions to hotel guests, and we’re happy to work with Aiello to enhance the contactless user experience with Aiello Voice Assistant”

~ Anke Gill, Co-founder, Managing Director, and Head of Marketing at MVI Systems Ltd.
MVI Systems Ltd.

About MVI Systems Ltd. 

MVI Systems provides IPTV-based entertainment solutions for hotels, hospitals, multi dwelling units and enterprises across the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. MVI’s long-standing, in-depth expertise in designing and deploying high-end video platforms enables us to offer solutions that are unique, cost effective and highly flexible. Based in Hong Kong, MVI Systems provides solutions in close collaboration with our key channel partners, thereby guaranteeing fast responses and on the ground support for our customers.  

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About Aiello Inc. 

Aiello is a leading provider of Aiello Voice Assistant in the hospitality industry. Aiello Voice Assistant is a multi-award-winning talk & touch voice AI technology solution designed to streamline hotel operations, enhance the guest experience, and collect insights about customer behavior. Since 2019 Aiello Voice Assistant has been deployed in over 50 hotels, and 5000 rooms, and it has answered over 12.5 million inquiries to 1.5 million end users in Chinese, Japanese and English language. 

We help businesses to unlock their full potential with voice AI. Follow us on our journey or simply say hello. If you wish to get more insight into ways to kickstart your digital transformation with voice AI technology, email us at Aiello will help you explore further. 

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