Mission Statement and Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

Our Mission

Aiello is committed to being an innovative leader in connecting the world to the internet through our state-of-the-art smart speakers. Our mission extends beyond creating impeccable audio experiences to ensuring that all interactions through our devices are secure and protect the privacy and security of our customer’s data. 

Security is Our Priority

We greatly value security input and constantly monitor our products to anticipate the latest threats. A proactive approach towards emerging security issues is a fundamental belief at Aiello. We are dedicated to staying abreast of the latest security developments by working collaboratively with both security researchers and companies. The contributions from the community towards forging a more secure world are highly appreciated.

Vulnerability Disclosure

In a bid to protect our users, Aiello does not publicly announce security vulnerabilities until fixes are available to the public, nor are the exact details of such vulnerabilities released. Once fixes are formulated, executed, and available, Aiello will disclose the vulnerabilities at an appropriate venue.

Response Timeline 

Upon receiving a vulnerability report, Aiello ensures a swift response. Within 24 hours of your initial contact, you will receive an automated email acknowledging that we have received the reported vulnerability. You can expect progress updates from Aiello at least every 10 working days.

Disclosure Approach

To ensure optimal security for our users, Aiello commits to the careful handling of vulnerabilities and thoughtful coordination of disclosure. We acknowledge the importance of the security research community and appreciate their role in contributing to a secure user environment.

Maintaining Trust

Aiello strives to earn and maintain the trust of our customers by consistently delivering secure products that prioritize and safeguard our customers’ data and privacy. The feedback and inputs from the customer and security research communities are pivotal in enabling us to uphold and continually refine our security postures and policies.

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