Privacy Statement for Aiello Products and Services

Aiello voice assistant terms of service

At Aiello, we take privacy very seriously. 

We are fully committed to maintaining confidentiality, and protection of the guests’ personal information:  

1. AVA activates only after hotel guests consent to using the service. The guests can opt-out or mute the voice assistant at any time.  

2. Hotels can customize a consent-based welcome message which will appear on the screen when the guests first enter their room.  

3. AVA starts listening and receiving commands only after the voice trigger: ‘Hello AI’. The voice assistant automatically turns off at the end of voice interaction, and no voice records will be stored. The rest of the time, no data will be received, stored, or sent to the cloud. 

4. All data is anonymous. We do not link any conversations, commands, requests, or activity to a particular guest unless they specifically agree on it.

5. Committed to data security and protecting Aiello products from unauthorized access

6. For regular use, travelers do not need to download the application, provide personal information, log in, etc., which may leave a series of information that can identify the individual. 

What information we collect and how we use it?


The information collected is used primarily to make the equipment work properly and to create voice responses, as well as to compile travelers intent to help the hotel optimize the guest experience, and to improve Aiello’s products and services and develop new features.

    1. For the hotel:
      1. Hotel’s spare parts information
        This information is used to deliver the spare parts requested by the guest and to create the phrase for the AVA voice response, for example, if you request “water” through AVA, the hotel will be notified and the delivery will take place.
      2. Information on hotel facilities
        This information is used to answer general questions from visitors and to create phrases for AVA voice responses, for example, when asked via AVA: Where is the pool? What time does the pool open? The response is that the swimming pool is on the second floor and is open from 10am to 5pm.
      3. Device specific network configuration information and IoT data
        Used to connect devices to the Internet, enabling them to access our services and control IoT devices and develop voice responses
    2. For travelers:
      1. Acoustic signals without personal identifiers
        Used to drive devices and convert to text to recognize intent in speech
      2. Intent identified by the system
        These intents are used to drive delivery requests, hotel information inquiries, IoT control, music play, and to help improve the hotel experience by counting travelers’ intents
    3. Other:
      1. Information about stores around the hotel
        This is used to answer a series of questions from traveler asking about the surrounding attractions and restaurants, as well as to create a response in AVA voice, for example, asking where the nearby ramen stores are. Respond to the location and opening hours of the ramen stores in the area.

Third Party Services

We use the services of the following third parties and their privacy policies are as follows:

    1. Google Cloud Platform Services 
    2. Microsoft Azure Services
    3. AWS Services

What about cookies and other identifiers? 

Since we do not require traveler to register or log in to use the device, there are no cookies or personal identifiers.

What about advertising?

The advertising function is not linked to any third party service, and we are providing the function to the hotel for information promotion, so the advertising will not show different contents for different traveler, and there is no problem of tracking personal information.


Can I turn off the microphones on AVA ?

Yes, you can turn off the microphones directly from the top button, but the device still provides part of functions through the panel, such as alarm setting, on/off screen, room device control, making incoming calls, turning on Do Not Disturb mode, checking hotel information, volume adjustment, Bluetooth on/off, and switching languages.

If you have any questions, you may submit an inquiry to our Data Protection Office, led by our Data Protection Officer, by our website

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