3 Ways to Upsell in Your Hotel with AI

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Alexandra Sramkova
Aiello Inc. Marketing Editor
Alexandra Sramkova
Aiello Inc. Marketing Editor
Alexandra Sramkova
Aiello Inc. Marketing Editor

For most people, staying in a hotel is a unique experience of changing their environment. During this time, the guests are more willing to purchase extra services to elevate their travel experience.

The question is, how do you make the most out of it in 2022?

Travelers are not looking for travel recommendations in a hotel anymore. In fact, most modern guests use Google search or social media like Instagram, to plan their trip.

So, how can a hotel win back guests’ attention in this day and age?

Employing an effective localization strategy is your best bet. The truth is that you know your area better than anyone else. Or more precisely, your concierge. They know that little bistro across the street with the most authentic local food, the hidden gems in your city, or handy tips such as where to buy a local sim card or a perfect gift for the family in a reasonable price.

The downside is that even with an exceptional staff member, there won’t be any tangible record of customer behavior. What if we could pack the years of experience and local knowledge of a seasoned concierge into an AI model that informs you about what your guests really want?

Aiello Assistant combines voice AI concierge and a digital guest directory all in one device. It’s designed to analyze information about customer behavior, enhance hotel experience and maximize profits.

Read on to learn how.

Know your customer: The best product to sell is to sell what the guests want

We found out that the average number of interactions between the guest and Aiello Assistant is 20 times per night. How many of the daily guest inquiries to your hotel staff will actually turn into knowledge about customer behavior?Whether your guests ask for hypoallergenic pillows, ice cream bars, or a local brewery, you have the first-hand information to tailor your marketing activities to their preferences.

Aiello Assistant’s Guests’ Profile Dashboard empowers you with customer index — wants, asks, confusions, attractions, frequency of the interactions and uses it to create your authentic customer group profile.

Aiello Assistant’s Guests’ Profile Dashboard
Aiello Assistant’s Guests’ Profile Dashboard

Drive in-room sales: Power your in-house marketing with Aiello Assistant

Figuring out the best way to inform guests about your current offers can be a headache. Aiello Assistant is a device deployed in the hotel room, usually on the night table. The virtual concierge uses its voice to greet the guests the moment they enter their hotel room. That’s hard to ignore.

According to real data from our client, InterContinental Kaohsiung, one of the most popular times when the guests interact with the device is within 2 hours after the check-in. In this case Aiello Assistant was used to run 65,000 ad campaign cycles in 4 months.

The UI of Aiello Assistant, together with the information database, is real-time and fully customizable. Use this marketing channel to show a visual display of whatever you want your guests to see. Or better yet, message them on the device! The broadcast messaging allows you to send group messages to selected rooms so that your guests will not miss the happy hour at your bar.

Broadcast messages to your guests
Broadcast messages to your guests

Aiello Assistant is a seamless ecosystem that allows you to upload and manage your promotional offers on our cloud-based platform and send them directly to devices located in your hotel rooms or reach your customers on their smartphones through social messaging apps like LINE.

On top of that, you’ll save costs and time spent on printing all your promotional items which the guests won’t even notice.

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Reach your guests on their smartphones: Aiello Assistant boosted consumer spending with nearly 20,000 coupon downloads in 6 months

If you would like to get more insight about voice AI technologies to accelerate your business, email us at enquiry@aiello.ai. Aiello will help you explore further.

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