Don Quijote x Aiello Treat Tourists in Japan to Exclusive Discount Offers

Widely adored Japanese mass retailer Don Quijote teams up with Aiello to celebrate the recent lifting of border controls and resuming international travel in Japan. [Aiello x Don Quijote Coupon Link]

Don Quijote x Aiello Treat Tourists in Japan to Exclusive Discount Offers
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Travellers are expected to deliver a sorely needed 5 trillion yen ($35bn) boost to the world’s third-largest economy after Tokyo on Tuesday lifted most of its remaining pandemic-related border restrictions. And the flood of visitors is expected to keep growing. [Source: ]

Don Quijote is a discount store chain with over 300 stores throughout Japan. Famous for featuring a truly extensive range of products, from everyday groceries to crazy Japanese souvenirs, Don Quijote is a must-visit for travelers. 

We’re happy to be the second brand in Taiwan to announce an exclusive promotion with Don Quijote and aid in a better shopping experience for the guests staying at Aiello hotel (hotel featuring our Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA)). Hotel guests can use the coupons at Don Quijote stores, APITA and PIAGO, in Japan (excluding some stores).

Think your guests would love this offer? Let’s talk details! 

Who can use Don Quijote x Aiello discount coupons?

Guests who check into a hotel with AVA can find a Don Quijote rolling advertisement on AVA and scan the QR code to enjoy the discount coupon. This is an exclusive additional discount on tax-free purchases above ¥10,000 and only for those eligible for tax-free.

*Foreign travelers or Non-Residents (Japanese living overseas) are eligible for using this discount coupon. 

How to get Don Quijote x Aiello discount coupons at your hotel?

If you’re a client of Aiello, your guests can already enjoy the exclusive discount! If not, join the 50+ most innovative hotel brands worldwide on a journey toward the best guest experience.

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