These 4 ChatGPT-powered Products Are Set to Change Travel Planning!

The unstoppable rise of ChatGPT-powered tools to change the future of travel
Alexandra Sramkova
Content Writer

ChatGPT-powered tools are here to bring about new, exciting ways of travel planning. This superhuman chatbot technology can act like a personal travel agent; letting you chat with a web browser as if it was a well-traveled buddy who knows all about your destination, meaning you get the best hotel room rates, eats, and sights in the area that are tailored to your taste and budget.   

There are (really) many ChatGPT-powered tools coming out nearly every week. And as it goes, some shine, while others fall short, but the sure thing is that this technology is free, accessible, and powerful, so we can expect it to shake things up in different business sectors, including travel.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of new ChatGPT-powered tools that are setting the direction for the future of the travel industry. So let’s jump in!

In this article:

1. ChatGPT plugins – Expedia, and Kayak

Along with the launch of GPT-4, Open AI has rolled out its new feature – ChatGPT plugins.  Plugins help developers and businesses expand the existing ChatGPT skillset by connecting ChatGPT to the web or allowing it to use 3rd party services. 

The first batch of ChatGPT plugins is already out, but not yet available for the public. And since this pilot release was joined by two popular travel brands Expedia and Kayak, we’ll take a closer look. 

Expedia ChatGPT plugin:

The Expedia plugin allows ChatGPT to access Expedia’s data when responding to user inquiries. By using this plugin, ChatGPT users can get details on specific flights, accommodations, and experiences, and then click through to Expedia’s website to book their trip. 

For example, the user query can look like this: Plan an anniversary trip for my parents in Paris. ChatGPT will decide whether it needs to use the plugin to answer or can just rely on its base model. Or the user can explicitly nudge the model to retrieve information from Expedia by saying: Plan my trip to Tokyo with Expedia. This will allow you to browse through room rates, and flights in real-time, or search for hotels and flights in the same question.

In early April 2023, Expedia Group also unveiled the integration of ChatGPT into their iOS app. This integration allows users to pose queries and book Expedia experiences through the app.

Kayak ChatGPT plugin:

The second travel brand that integrates with ChatGPT is Kayak. The Kayak ChatGPT plugin enables more conversational interactions between users and Kayak’s search engine through ChatGPT. For instance, when a user asks for a hotel recommendation in a specific location, ChatGPT can understand the request and ask Kayak to provide suitable options. The user can then click on the recommendations, which will direct them to Kayak’s website or app.

The unstoppable rise of ChatGPT-powered tools to change the future of travel
ChatGPT-powered Expedia IOS App

2. Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA) – first ChatGPT-powered hotel AI

At Aiello, we infused our hotel voice assistant AVA with ChatGPT capabilities, with the goal to supercharge the hotel experience through conversational AI technology. We help hotel businesses to introduce natural, user-friendly navigation through voice and the easiest communication for the guests. Guest queries can be accomplished in just one step through voice commands. In the coming months, we are looking forward to unlocking this technology update for the existing hotels with AVA and our new customers. 

Read more about Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA) – the first ChatGPT-powered hotel AI.

3. TripNotes – Trip Planner and Assistance

After ChatGPT pretty much broke the internet, the TripNotes founder left everything behind and jumped straight into building a product with ChatGPT – TripNotes. 

“It’s 100 percent our focus right now,” said Matthew Rosenberg, co-founder of Welcome. “At least for those of us who come from tech, and from consumer tech, it’s very obvious that this is going to be the way that a lot of things move, but especially things in travel.” (Source:)

Tripnotes is a ChatGPT-powered tool that utilizes the model to generate custom itineraries for users based on various sources like emails, travel articles, or social media content. It puts together real-time information, including business names, hours, locations, Google and Yelp reviews, photos, and more. The platform can also help you adjust itineraries based on factors like weather. However, ChatGPT’s current limitations include outdated or missing information, so for now, the users have to double-check and fill in the gaps.

4. DuveAI

Duve, an Israeli-founded company leverages OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 capabilities to improve guest communication and overall guest experiences in the hospitality industry. Hoteliers can create custom content to send to their guests, generate smart replies to emails, and use ChatGPT to summarize messages for efficient and personalized interactions with their guests. DuveAI aims to streamline operations, save time, and reduce costs while retaining the personal touch that sets the hospitality industry apart. 


A lot has been going on in the AI world in the past months. The launch of GPT-4 was followed by Google opening access to their most advanced model – Bard, and even Baidu was peer-pressured to join the race with their first public demo of Ernie. 

Meanwhile, Microsoft unveiled the AI-powered office suit Copilot, and a bunch of AI trailblazers led by Elon Musk are ringing for alarm because things are moving too fast.

In this article, we covered the first rollout of ChatGPT-powered tools. In the coming months, we can expect this list to grow VERY fast, and with the advent of AutoGPTs, the interactions will become even smoother. 

At Aiello, we’re all for infusing AI into the travel sector for many good reasons. Though, fitting the new into existing processes is not easy, with rising expectations and exploding standards. Moreover, industry leaders are expected to never stop innovating, in a time when yesterday’s innovations become today’s expectations. 

At Aiello, we help hospitality leaders to stay ahead of the curve and embrace innovation that best matches their business objectives. Message our team to see what conversational AI can do for your business and we’ll get back to you within three working days.

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