3 Ways to Upsell in Your Hotel with AI

For most people, staying in a hotel is a unique experience of changing their environment. During this time, the guests are more willing to purchase extra services to elevate their travel experience.
Travelers are not looking for travel recommendations in a hotel anymore. In fact, most modern guests use Google search or social media like Instagram, to plan their trip.
So, how can a hotel win back guests’ attention in this day and age?

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[Meet Global] Taiwanese AI startup Aiello closed Pre-A funding and is winning multiple orders internationally: Interview with CEO Vic Shen

Aiello announced this week that it has closed its Pre-Series A funding round, bringing the total funding amount to USD$ 7M since the company was established in 2019. Founder and CEO of Aiello Vic Shen tells Meet Global that overseas customers have come to them for business, including companies from UK, Australia, Japan, Southeast Asia, and China.

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3 Ways Natural Language Technologies Serve Customer Facing Teams

If your company meets customers face-to-face or on the field, this isn’t for you.
But if, like many others now, 80% or so of your interactions with leads and clients go through some form of email, phone or videocall, you might want to have a look at Natural Language Technologies.
Why that?!
When you think about it, those phone calls, those emails, they represent pretty much every moment your customers directly talk to you. That’s when they tell you what they need and want, what they struggle with, what they like about your product, and what they don’t.

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